At Astrid and Rose we believe in celebrating love and life's cherished moments through meaningful, beautiful jewellery. Our designs are entirely handcrafted using age-old techniques in our UK-based studio in Berkshire.

My name is Erica and I am the founder, designer and maker at Astrid and Rose Jewellery. My main source of inspiration is the nature that surrounds me where I live in the English countryside. From wildflowers to woodland creatures, I continually fill my sketchbook with ideas and use the lost-wax casting technique to translate these into pieces of jewellery. The lost wax casting technique is an art form that dates back to ancient times, where a piece is hand carved in jeweller's wax, and then cast in metal. I make intricate jewellery designs using this method, working with very fine carving and detailing tools.

I also take inspiration from the romantic Victorian era, where people would wear sentimental jewellery to celebrate love, life, and friendship, or to mourn their lost loved ones. The secret language of these love tokens and cherished momentos is fascinating to me. It brings me immense joy to be able to connect people through my jewellery and help them celebrate love and life's special moments.

All of our jewellery is created by hand in my jewellery workshop. I have the help of two small UK-based casting companies who assist me with casting my designs. I feel strongly about sourcing materials from small UK-based suppliers. When you buy a piece of our jewellery, not only are you supporting my business, you are also supporting local small businesses and giving back to our local community and economy.

You can keep up to date on my inspiration, design process and ideas on my blog here.